CULTURE & URBANISM, 2008 – 2012
Lobby of artists and cultural activists
pilotage : Anne Davier, Richard Le Quellec, Sandro Rossetti, Stefan Press et Matthias Solenthaler.

The culture & urbanism group was created following the first RAAC forum, it is one of the subgroups and consists of five representatives and twenty members. Its main purpose was to gather and synthesize the reflections and needs of cultural actors in terms of space as well as the drafting of an ad hoc chapter of the book art, culture and creation *. In 2010, this work led to the creation of a platform for consultation on cultural sites, in which the Department of Education (DIP), the Department of Construction (DCTI), the Department of cultural Affairs of the City of Geneva (DAC), and the Association of Communes Genevoises (ACG).

* Art, Culture and Creation, Propositions en faveur d’une politique culturelle à Genève, Rassemblement des Artistes et Acteurs Culturels (raac)
Editions Labor & Fides, Genève, 2008