“Open houses and broken doors” is a 1/4 scale model of a town plunged into darkness, the cardboard houses destroyed and devoid of inhabitants. The splintered doors and the complete disorder were subject to an attack, a violation of privacy. The houses are empty shells of what they once were. They are nothing but ruins now.

In his book “L’objet du siècle” (the object of the century), Gérard Wacjman describes ruins: “If we can agree on the fact that a ruin is an object, that it is a physical production, it then carries a great burden. It is not simply an object. It is a diminished object, petrified and disembodied, almost a pure symbol of its former self, both unburdened and heavy with meaning.” Over a billion people still live in slums today.

Exhibition Open House, Musée Rath, installation 700 x 700 x 300 cm, cardboard and diverse materials. In partnership with Isamu Krieger, 2006.