In this work, realized during my studies at the HEAD, it was question of trying to obtain my annual credits without any work to present …


So I have :

Bribed my teacher, amateur of good bottles.

Presented pictures of another student.

Threaten jury members by sending them anonymous letters.



Letter to my teacher Claude Sandoz (accompanied by a bottle of Cognac 12 years old):

Dear Claude,

For many reasons, it was impossible for me to honor our last appointment. An unexpected move, the loss of my studio, the investment in a new part-time job, as well as the long and difficult writing of toy thesis ; all of this disturbed me considerably when it came to developing meaningful work for the annual jury. I do not pretend, however, to warn you of my inability to present a job to the juries, but to propose a project that is somewhat peculiar. This first gift is fully used, and if you agree, of course, I suggest you make an appointment to taste the rest of the project.



Letter to the jury members:

When you participate in the jury make sure that the work dedicated to Jean-Pierre gets his credits or you will lose your life. (Jean Pierre being the first name of the new director of the school)

For this project the jury gave me my 2 annual credits.


Work done for the end of year juries, Atelier Claude Sandoz. 2004.

Letters, cognac bottle 12 years old, paintings.