Mass Produced art works made by authentic artists.

This project, destined to remain in the planning stages references stores which sell decorative paintings. It questions the place of the painter in a consumer society where art is synonymous with decoration, and where reflecting on art history is often considered masturbatory. The project also serves as a slight jab to remind fine arts students that artwork is also a product intended to be sold.

I took care to ensure the objects were practical for small apartments or small budgets but also to make them easy to produce, store and ship. So that the object is easily identifiable, the extra thick frame positions it away from the wall, and it has a bevelled edge. The piece is im mediately recognizable in any interior. Products can be selected from three categories (still life, landscapes, or madonna and child) which pay homage to the greats (such as Pollock and Riley) by reinterpreting their work. On occasion guest artists are invited to create a series of paintings. A catalogue was compiled, offering customers the chance to create their own paintings by choosing the material (coton, linen, or silk), motif, framing option, and providing them with a do-it-yourself kit.

21 x 29.7 x 5 cm each. Mixed media on canvas. 137 pieces produced. 2003.