“Cause the war transforms life into a nursery where it is always the other that has begun, where always one boasts of the crimes he blames the other for having committed, and where the Brawl takes the aspect of war games. In times of war, we learn to disdain the war games of children. This is a preparation far too early for the childishness of adults.”

Karl Krauss, “The last days of humanity”, 1919, ed. Agnone.

The mixture of symbols – the soldier and the toy – as well as the change of scale, transform the primary meanings to lead to new levels of reading and new associations of ideas. The interest of the play is to provoke a feeling of surprise in order to stimulate a reflection the legitimacy of such a presence outside a battlefield, on education to violence, the mystification of the soldier and the war, and the discrepancy between the justification of those who engage in conflict and their actual motives.
ongoing project
(190 x 150 x 60 cm)

projet en cours
(190 x 150 x 60 cm)