Interventions / performances for the Union of Self-Directed Cultural Spaces (UECA) and the Gathering of Artists and Cultural Actors, RAAC, 2007 – 2012

variable duration
The Factory, Red Pepper, Grutlı Theater, Am Stram Gram Theater and the Street.

Member of the UECA from its foundation in 2007 to 2011 and member of the RAAC since 2008, I consider this commitment to a cultural policy developed in consultation with cultural circles, as an integral part of my artistic practice. During the crackdown on squatting places in 2007, it seemed obvious to me, from the artists who interested me – Hans Haacke, Santiago Sierra, Kristof Wodisko, Guildo Mereles …, that my practice had to take into account of the environment in which it was inscribed.

Interventions at events, forums, or any other venue are designed as performance. they are a link between artistic practice and cultural actor practice. They allowed me to continue expressing my creativity through my commitment to a time when it took most of my time.
Whether by posing as a representative of the Attorney General and interrupting several weekend concerts at the Factory and Red Pepper, or shooting blank bullets as an introduction to my speech at the 2nd Forum of the RAAC, It has always been about creating a relevant and impactful context in order to make the public react.