This exhibition presents a vast (though not exhaustive) panorama of projects which fall into eight categories: unrealized, unfinished, failed, censored, destroyed, copied, glorified, and denigrated. The work explores failure in art, a subject which fascinates me, and I wanted to share my knowledge. The works came together piece by piece as I delved into the knowledge I had acquired over the years, fueled up by interest in creation.

The art world has always loved its failures. Perhaps because deep down it knows they are necessary, yet they are rarely given the praise they are due. The goal of this exhibition was to highlight the artists mistreated by history and their bizarre trajectories. They drive down chaotic paths to destruction, denying themselves and seeing their works censored. These Artists may lose all reason or the will to live, or both. Some of their stories are glorious, some pathetic, but each will speak to you in some profound way.

Booklet_Ombre de L’art

L’ombre de l’art, 2013.
Bâtiment d’art Contemporain.
Exhibition from 11th of Octobre to 24th of Novembre 2013
with the support Fonds d’Art Contemporain de la Ville de Genève and of Loterie Romande