Figurines in pack, purchased in supermarket and integrated into cliché decorations, which envelop them of a dubious veracity. These models bring questions about the role models that we propose to children. Model always white, macho situations…



This debut work pits utility against meaning by presenting an object stripped of its function, transforming potential users into spectators. Remove the title and this piece becomes a clever paradox that could be mistaken for a minimalist sculpture, cloaked in a new function. This non-function dares us to analyze the meaning we attach to objects around us.

110 x 90 x 30 cm. Steel, glass, plastic, 2001.

Citizens of empty space

The architect Stefan Press and I were invited to Yerevan to present our freight container project Workship and to suggest possible artist spaces in the Armenian capital. Over the course of two weeks, we conducted a case study on Yerevan’s main street.



The time of a weekend, two evenings of projection in the space district of the Minoteries, in order to offer the inhabitants a glance on the creators of their district. The totality of the films presented were made by the inhabitants.



Every good spy story has the scene where our hero has been captured and the bad guy explains his evil plan with relish, revealing all the Machiavellian details. It’s here in the machination room that the plot is revealed.



An array of 130 stickers depicting people, animals, vegetation and other objects was laid out for the public. Limited only by their imagination, each person worked alone or in groups to create a story or a compilation of images. The collages began to overlap and interact, creating new compilations and new stories.

Variable size – 600 x 300 x 300 cm. Stickers. Created in collaboration with Isamu Krieger, 2007.

Open houses and broken doors

“Open houses and broken doors” is a 1/4 scale model of a town plunged into darkness, the cardboard houses destroyed and devoid of inhabitants. The splintered doors and the complete disorder were subject to an attack, a violation of privacy. The houses are empty shells of what they once were. They are nothing but ruins now.



CULTURE & URBANISM, 2008 – 2012
Lobby of artists and cultural activists
pilotage : Anne Davier, Richard Le Quellec, Sandro Rossetti, Stefan Press et Matthias Solenthaler.

COUP DE COEUR (Compagnes fidèles des aventurières sexy), 2007.

Loyal companions of femme fatales the world over.

30 x7 x 17 cm. Heels, stainless steel blades.

Shadow of Art

This exhibition presents a vast (though not exhaustive) panorama of projects which fall into eight categories: unrealized, unfinished, failed, censored, destroyed, copied, glorified, and denigrated. The work explores failure in art, a subject which fascinates me, and I wanted to share my knowledge. The works came together piece by piece as I delved into the knowledge I had acquired over the years, fueled up by interest in creation.